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Across many areas, it is becoming hard to find a local fabric store. The big-box discount stores try to fulfill this need but they lack the selection and the designs they offer are not very exciting. If you are looking for a retail fabric shop, please stop into Flemington Decor.

Yes, we are an interior design studio but we also have a retail fabric store with a terrific selection, plus many other items to beautify a home.

Every day someone comes into our fabric store, inquiring about buying fabrics for a do-it-yourself project. It might be window treatments like draperies or a set of slipcovers, and some people are so adventuresome as to tackle their own upholstery work. They want something special, and a better selection and quality than their local choices offer.

Most of all, they don’t want to order from a website or a book.

Flemington Decor is the local fabric store, as has been the case for over 70 years. We stock a large assortment of fabrics, with bolt after bolt available to touch and see in the store. From a plain muslin to an interesting design, we have many different natural and synthetic fibers to choose from.

As a interior design studio, we also have hundreds of fabric books, from leading manufacturers, plus design consultations if you’d like one.

The fabric store at Flemington Decor is not a sewing center. But, if you are looking for fabric to complete upholstery or draperies you’ll be pleased with our assortment of quality fabrics.

For a limited time, Flemington Decor is closing out all in-stock retail products.

Enjoy special prices for a selection of fabrics, drapery hardware, furniture, accessories, lamps, tables, framed art, curtains and valances.
Only while supplies last, so hurry in.

The fabric store is always well-stocked, with some of the finest mills in home decorating, including:






J.F. Fabrics



Lady Ann




RM Coco

Stout Brothers


Trend Fabrics


A Fun Phenomena

The story goes like this: someone comes into the shop for fabrics because they have a D-I-Y project they’d like to complete (or expect their significant other to complete). They find the ideal fabric design at an agreeable price. Then they ask how much we would charge if they were to turn the project over to us and have it done professionally.

The smile on their faces says it all. They have just freed up their time, gotten the project properly done, for a price that is surprisingly affordable. Best of all, it won’t get added to a honey-do list that never seems to get any smaller.

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Spacious bedroom and lounge area.