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Custom Window Treatments

Go beyond just hanging drapes

Many people want the best and recognize that working with a designer and opting for custom window treatments goes well beyond just hanging drapes and curtains.

When you buy ready-made draperies or curtains, you’re simply buying a product. You are limited to the options available in only that store. You don’t have the option of adding unique details and often have to provide the measurements.

When you retain an experienced designer you’ll gain access to their experience and knowledge. The right designer can help you identify window treatments that will meet your vision, whether it’s making your room appear larger, limit (or maximize) light, or improve privacy. They can show you what is “on-trend” or steer the look toward the classics.

Unlike ready-made, custom window treatments provide access to an enormous selection of fabrics. And let’s not forget the range of customizing options including pleats, trims, and accessories.

And don’t forget, we can also help add the perfect valance or even add some swag.

In summary, custom window treatments by Flemington Decor provide fashion, quality, and include professional installation. Custom window treatments will bring beauty into your home or office for years to come.


Let’s start the conversation.

We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about our design process, introduce our fabric library, and illustrate why we believe custom window treatments are well worth the investment. Please consider a design consultation to learn more and have all your questions answered.

Just use the form here, tell us a little about you and your project/room(s), and we’ll contact you to schedule a complimentary consultation in our Flemington studio.

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