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Flemington Decor upholstery workshop

Furniture re-upholstery is always in great demand, and with good reason. Almost any piece of furniture can be reupholstered and sometimes even modified to create a significant change. Our craftsmen are expert and making old furniture come alive.

When you compare the workmanship of chair and sofa frames just twenty years ago, to those being sold today, there is an enormous difference in quality and materials used. Re-upholstery is a great option if you want to keep the original condition of your sofa or chair. If you still appreciate your furniture for its design and comfort, why buy a new one to replace it, when we can take your old furniture and make it nearly brand new through the process of reupholstery?

Flemington Decor can also assist in helping you find the perfect fabric to meet your style expectation.

Flemington Decor has great expertise in crafting upholstered pieces, catered to your specifications. Our services apply to nearly any furniture, wall upholstery, and even custom cushions and pillows.

Nearly any furniture style that is currently upholstered can benefit through re-upholstery and sometimes even modified to achieve a look. In addition, we often include producing new cushion and pillow covers from older covers with new fabric. We also assist in ordering fabric from our extensive collection.

Flemington Décor provides a complete service for the repair and upholstering of all furniture, ancient or modern, as well as upholstery for the inside of boats, planes, caravans, yachts, and other custom made furniture.


Re-upholstering of all types of furniture:
Store bought


Furniture refurnishing/restoration
Wood refinishing
Furniture repair

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Over 5,000 upholstery fabrics and quality workmanship at reasonable prices

Show us a magazine, photo, or a fabric swatch of a pattern or color that you admire. We’ll research appropriate selections to mirror the look and feel of your submission. Or provide us with a photo of the room where the furniture will be placed and take advantage of our experience in trends and curation.