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A terrific telephone table

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One of our clients recently mourned the passing of her Grandfather. When she and her Mother went to clean out his home, they discovered a terrific telephone table, now an antique, and fell in love with it. She retained us to refurbish the table.

The transformation of the table, from green to white, is remarkable. The old vinyl was randomly glued in place, so the restoration was very time consuming. Each and every nail head was re-tacked, one at a time.

“Words cannot express how happy I am with my “new” telephone table. You and your team did a phenomenal job restoring this piece. It is now modernized and updated to a timeless, classic beauty. I know my great grandmother would be so proud and happy that this is well cared for and will continue to be passed down through our family line. Please tell your upholsterer thank you as well.”

As you can see from one of the photos, our client is rather young. She is a rare breed for her generation, who seem to find shopping on cheapo internet sites to be the norm. Quality furniture can stand the test of time, and as this project illustrates, an interesting piece can be updated.

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