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Seamless Curtain Panels

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We recently completed the installation of new drapery panels in a client’s living room. This client previously retained Flemington Décor to design and install draperies in their bedroom in 2020. It was a fun project but straightforward.

This time the client made a very specific criteria for where the rods were to be placed. The client wanted the poles to align with the top of the cabinets on one end of the room. A specific calculation was needed to ensure the proper length and height for placement.

Over the years, I have calculated nearly every finished curtain rod lengths, but this project involved new hardware and a very specific goal. Here’s how the math worked:

  • Top of rod to floor 96 5/8″
  • Top of rod 96 5/8″
  • Minus top of rod to bottom of ring 1 7/8″= 94 3/4″
  • Minus clearance off floor 1/2 “=
  • 94 1/4″ finished length.

An Emerging Trend

I am seeing a trend to smaller diameter rods now, from our clients and in the research that I do. When I began this project, I had some uncertainty how the smaller diameter rods would look in a large room, but it was quickly alleviated with this installation. The black colored hardware and number of windows in the space combined for a beautiful and refined design.

For this project, we used a seamless, 108″ wide casement fabric from RM Coco. This width allows the finished panels to be constructed with no seams.

About the House

This room is their family room, adjacent to their kitchen, and offers a very open concept. The home was built by our clients, a married couple who are scientists. The furnishings, accessories and artwork give it a very comfortable look, not cold or minimalist at all. The house is very advanced, utilizing geothermal heat and solar panels. A beautiful stained concrete floor spans throughout. It even has toilet seats that automatically lift when you walk in the room. Smart plugs were everywhere!

When specifying many details on this room, the owners were impressed at the attention to detail we provide. As scientists, they appreciated this perspective. The husband commented, “you should be teaching this to younger designers” to which I replied the younger generation thinks it can all be done on a computer!

It is very rewarding to work with clients who appreciate expertise and work quality.

The next room we’ll be updating will be the office. Stay tuned!