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Many people know us for our expertise in upholstery work. When people consider fabric upholstery, sofas, dining chairs, and armchairs are usually what comes to mind. However, we also recover and re-cover bedding as well.

Recently we performed some work for a local client, who had a bed they loved and wanted to recover it. This client plans to move to Florida in the near future. They knew the studio was in Flemington and that we also provided design work.

Upon examination, the old fabric was not only well worn, but the design was better suited for the northeast that for a home in Florida. Such a move is a great opportunity to transition to a different interior direction.

Let’s Get Started

The client’s initial perception was my design style leaned traditional, but after they met with me, and I had an opportunity to share my library and ideas, they found many fabrics that would look appealing on the bed. My suggestion was to use neutral colors, easily mated with other ideas they have for their new home.

They had previously employed other designers in their home, and were aware of the investment for quality work. They also had a high appreciation for a designer helping them select a fabric and style that was right for them, and their journey to a new lifestyle.

When they purchased the bed, they paid about $5,000, over 15 years ago. Needless to say new bedding can be two or three times that investment, so recovering the bed makes good financial sense. The box springs are also the bed frame; they were wood construction, and allowed for the headboard to be bolted to the box springs.

As a result of the outcome of this project, they have asked Flemington Décor to help them update other furniture that they love and will take to Florida.

(The photo order of appearance shows the well-enjoyed bed and frame, followed by the recovered and updated bed, frame, headboard and comforter/pillows. Click on an image to enlarge it)