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Port O Call Hotel

Furniture upholstery is an invaluable option for clients looking to update their furniture without replacing it entirely – this is something we’ve seen firsthand here at the Port O Call Hotel in Ocean City, New Jersey.

One approach I adopted with furniture upholstery is intentionally combining fabrics (I’ve been doing this for years before it became a trend). Two chairs I recently worked on showed how mixing and matching fabrics can create eye-catching results. The blue-and-cream chair was chosen to capture the customer’s attention, while the black-and-red chair was created out of necessity due to the limited yardage in the black fabric.

Through embracing different fabric combinations – intentional or not – furniture pieces can be reupholstered and given a whole new lease of life!

Do you have a piece of furniture that needs a transformation? If so, our new studio is the perfect place to explore your fabric options. Our library holds a broad selection of fabrics, from solid colors and patterns to more eclectic mixes – so you’ll surely find something that will add the perfect finishing touch to your piece. Plus, with our team of talented artisans to help transform your furniture with your fabric selection, you can be sure of superb results!

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