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A Very Unusual Sofa

Please feast your eyes on a most unusual project involving a most unusual sofa. The before and after photos are interesting but so is the story.

Our client owns this circa-1920s sofa, and they absolutely love it. The wood knobs on the top press down to release the sides for reclining. It is a simple but elegant look and very unique in furniture design. The owners reside in Hunterdon County in a historic home that dates back to 1850. They wanted to refurbish the sofa, which had proudly served many owners, and remain true to its origins in terms of fabric and materials used.

We stripped the entire sofa down and replaced everything but the wood frame. The springs were retied, the webbing replaced, and we fabricated a new down and feather combination cushion.

The frame is solid hardwood and was in brand-new condition, with no visible warping. Years ago, quality furniture frames used wood that was cured or dried in kilns to eliminate moisture (as opposed to green or wet wood). The process ensures sturdiness and longevity, especially in sappy woods like pine. This frame was likely hardwood, like maple, mahogany, or oak.

The client researched some fabrics before selecting a faux mohair fabric from our library; the selection is from Charlotte Fabrics.

The new cushions were supplied by a shop we know in the Bronx. We chose a 60% down, 40% feather blend.

This project was significant and required four months from initial consult to delivery.

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