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Stunning Windows

We were recently retained by a client to update some windows in her home. We scheduled a studio appointment, where she was obviously pleased with the many fabric designs we maintain in our library. These days, with all of the supply chain challenges, keeping the library up to date is no easy feat, but Louise and I devote a lot of time to that.

Fortunately she was very pleased with the designs shown, choosing a traditional stripe on the swags and a beautiful velvet for the panels.

A big issue was her timeline; the client would be traveling out of the country for a month. Did I mention supply chain challenges? The striped fabric was back-ordered but miraculously managed to get the necessary yardage pretty quickly. We had the new window coverings installed before leaving on her trip.

Upon her return she called to tell us how impressed she was, sharing that the finished treatments were constructed so well and the look so professional. Which, of course, is always what we strive to hear.